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"Lucid Stead"

So dope.  So sad I missed this Phillip K Smith III installation at High Desert Test Sites, one of my favorite art projects in one of my favorite places (Joshua Tree).  Smith took an abandoned 70 year old homesteader cabin and transformed it with mirrors & LED lights to reflect the stunning desert landscape.

Nick Cave’s Soundsuits

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Soundsuits by Nick Cave

An incredible artist & also a dance with Alvin Ailey, one of my favorite companies.

Paris versus New York: A Tally of Two Cities

I love these charming illustrations by Vahram Muratyan

Purchase postcards & books HERE via Amazon.

I am kind of obsessed.  The gay bounce & rap movement out of New Orleans is modern-day vogueing.  Twerk as art.  This is real culture with content; take note, Miley.  Read more HERE via The Atlantic.  Bounce your bits!


Kees van Dongen - La Femme de Commerce de Revue, 1908-9
San Diego Museum of Art View high resolution

Kees van Dongen - La Femme de Commerce de Revue, 1908-9

San Diego Museum of Art

One of my current favorite artists designed a couple prints for Goop (HERE). View high resolution

One of my current favorite artists designed a couple prints for Goop (HERE).

Frank Lloyd Wright’s Guggenheim

One of my favorite spaces in NYC.  The sketch above is one of FLW’s original design sketches.  See a timeline of the museum’s creation HERE.

Music Monday: Outside Lands Highlights

My top moments from #OSL:


The icing on the OSL cake was the city’s best offerings of gourmet food, wine, dessert, & beer.




Some of the festival’s art offerings


Wild Belle kicked off Friday afternoon


Yeah Yeah Yeahs on Saturday.  Karen O kills it everytime; she is one of my all-time favorite performers.  Can’t wait to see her again in a couple weeks at FYF!


Phoenix.  They played a packed crowd despite the competition from NIN who played at the same time across the park.



The park at night.


NIN from a distance.image

Camper Van Beethoven ‘Northern California Girls.’ I also loved Willie Nelson & Hall & Oates.  H&O packed the main stage during the day on Sunday.  

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson



Foals set got pretty deep!

Vampire Weekend

Vampire Weekend

My favorite song, ‘Ya Hey.’ Vampire Weekend was a straight up party—one of my favorite sets of the weekend.  I’ve seen the Foals & Vampire Weekend & Coachella & wasn’t into it, but their OSL sets rocked!



Red Hot Chili Peppers



And there are just no words for how special Sir Paul was, let alone the pyrotechnics & fireworks.  Lifetime! The most incredible sing along with 100k people singing ‘Hey Jude.’  No words!

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